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Medium voltage soft starter
Wanlida Medium voltage soft starter is applicable to startup of various types of heavy-duty motors ranging from 3 kV to 11 kV.
Wanlida Medium voltage soft starter is applicable to startup of various types of heavy-duty motors ranging from 3 kV to 11 kV, capable of restricting the starting current of heavy-duty motors to 1.5 ~ 4 times their rated current and of effectively controlling the electric grid fluctuation and mechanical wear occurring at startup of heavy-duty motors.
High-voltage magnetic-control soft starters are applicable to all heavy-duty motors applied in factories and mines.
For example:
Electric power: induced draft fans, fan blowers, desulfurization booster fans, mill fans, and boiler feed pumps etc.
Metallurgical industry: dedusting blowers, exhaust fans, water circulating pumps, and blast furnace blowers etc.
Petrochemical industry: water circulating pumps, compressors and exhaust fans etc.
High performance price ratio
Conservation of electric network volume
Primary switch equipment, transformers and cable shockproof current etc. may create an allowance saving of 50%.
The capital expenditure for power distribution room may be saved by 60%.
Purchase cost of starting equipment may be saved by 70%.
Equipment overhaul/maintenance expenses may be saved by 80%.
A high-voltage solid-state magnetic control soft starter is composed of inlet wires, switch and medium-voltage controlled reactor, motor and its load. A fail-safe secondary control system is composed of controller, three-phase full wave rectifier and high/low-voltage dual isolators.
In the system of high-voltage solid-state magnetic control soft starter, closed-loop current control is achieved by acquiring primary loop current to adjust the low-voltage control coil so as to change the reactance value of high tension loop of the reactor, such that the motor may be started up smoothly.
   Technical characteristics
  • The equipment is characterized by safety, reliability, and maintenance free;
  • Advanced process ensures product quality. The high-voltage coils are formed at one go by vacuum pouring of ethoxyline resin;
  • Colored touch-screen operation guarantees easy operation and maintenance;
  • Capable of implementing remote monitoring, DCS operation, capable of communicating with upper computer; supporting various communication interfaces such as CAN, profibus, Modbus, RS 232 and RS 485;
  • High tension loop and low-voltage control loop are safely isolated, the coils are isolated, and the optical fiber controls are isolated;
  • Provided with a high-voltage balanced wave limiting circuit;
  • Repeatability of soft starter are free from the impacts of ambient temperature conditions;
  • Compactness, facilitating installation and transportation;
Technical parameters
Controllable reactor, power frequency withstand voltage
3-phase to ground: 30 (1 minute)
Phase-to-phase: 30(1 minute)
Controllable reactor, harmonic content
Motor start current
1.5~3.6 times of rated current
Motor start time
0-60 s (Can be set)
Continuous start times
0~6 times
Grade 4
Power-grid voltage drop
Motor power factor
Flux leakage
Cooling system
Air cooling
Working temperature
Noise level
Leading-in direction
Top / Bottom
Various communication interfaces including CAN, profibus, Modbus, RS232 and RS485 etc.
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